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Food Feed Technical

Alright, so these are the basics…

Sure, we supply milk based ingredients and compounds for food and animal feed on a global scale. We take care of every step in this process for you, so you can focus on your own stuff. Yes, we honor all safety requirements and more. Our product is state-of-the-art and we’ve got the know-how and certificates.

But what does that all mean? There’s tons of others doing Exactly. The. Same.

So why would you want to work with us? Well, here’s the thing. We have been part of this dairy industry for quite some time now. And we’ve experienced for ourselves how many have drifted away from the most important thing in doing business. We decided to bring back what we value so much when we partner up with our customers: human connection. We add an ingredient nobody else can: the dynamic spirit of Amsterdam blended with a team that’s drenched in experience.

This is our promise to you

Being personal, pro-active, flexible and reliable is not a fairytale on our bookshelf, but part of our way of working each and every day.

  • We actually pick up the phone when you need us. We even respond to emails. And yes, we know your first name.
  • We will always find a way. Left, right or anything in between.
  • We’ve got the answer long before you’ve asked the question.
  • Small orders or big ones: everybody is welcome to join.
  • No such thing as hassle… just ask and we’ll sort it all out for you.
  • We’re happy to have a laugh every now and then. Humor builds relationships.


The part of industry we know so well: milk ingredients for food manufacturers. We’ve mastered the art of milk ingredients in general, but focused mostly on the complexity of milk proteins. We’re proud to say we’ve established a solid connection with our customers, from powerful sports nutrition to ice cream and cheese. Need instantized, kosher, halal or vegetarian products? Ask us about the options, we’ll take care of it for you.


  • Functional and nutritional milk protein blends
  • Milk powder replacers
  • Whey protein concentrate 80% (WPC 80)
  • Whey protein hydrolysates (WPH)
  • Milk and casein proteins
  • Lactose and permeate
  • Cream, butter, yoghurt and fat powders
  • Milk powder commodities


  • Sports nutrition (powder shakes, protein bars and drinks)
  • Functional powder blends
  • Ice-cream, bakery and sweets
  • Babyfood and clinical nutrition
  • Protein-enriched, health, weight loss and elderly foods
  • Dairy, yoghurt and cheese
  • Kosher Passover, Super Kosher Mehadrin (Chalav Yisrael whey)

Care to know more? Feel free to contact us.


Three is a charm: when the two founders teamed up with Van Lindenberg Ingredients, they inherently teamed up with even more knowledge on feed. We thought that we had our share of feed experience, until our partners at van Lindenberg showed their history. What a win! This knowledge allows us to serve customers in feed even better.


  • Nutritional milk protein blends
  • Whey protein concentrate 34% (WPC 34 feed)
  • Whey protein concentrate 80% (WPC 80 feed)
  • Lactose and permeate
  • Milk powder commodities
  • Milk and vegetable fat powders
  • Sugars


  • Protein pre-mixes
  • Complementary feed
  • Calf and lamb milk replacers
  • Piglets feed
  • Pet food
  • Horse nutrition

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There’s a paradox here: ‘technical’ is the part of the industry where misfits and mistakes are given a second chance. Everybody will do their utmost to prevent their existence, yet these products are the fuel to a large number of customers. Fascinating! It’s inevitable for things to go wrong. We’re happy to be able to give these waste products a useful purpose as biofuel feedstock.

Waste feedstock

  • Milk powder category 2
  • Deviating and rancid butter
  • Liquid whey permeate


  • Biogas
  • Biodiesel

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Let’s be clear: shaking things up doesn’t mean we take risks. On the contrary: Safety is key!


We operate under the Gemzu MPC conditions for the international trade in dairy products. Please find the latest version at www.gemzu.nl/mpc-condities.

Quality standards and certificates

  • Quality analysis at Fenelab certified Dutch laboratories
  • Animal feed GMP+ FSA
  • NVWA animal by-products category 2 and 3
  • V.I.H.B. license waste to renewable energy


Our story

This is where it all began…

Once upon a time, two blokes ran into each other when working for a well-known dairy company in The Netherlands. They had a chat, they had a laugh, but more importantly: they had a dream. You see, they both saw what was going on in the industry: it had gotten disjointed from the most important thing in business: people. But that didn’t take away their dream or love for the industry. They saw its potential.

It was time to shake things up, they realized. And why not do it themselves? After years of sharing thoughts, ideas and dreams – discovering they were the proof that great minds think alike – they took a giant leap of faith and founded AMSTERDAM INGREDIENTS.

AMSTERDAM INGREDIENTS is a chance to do things differently. Better. After years of working together, establishing trust, the renowned company Van Lindenberg Ingredients joined their forces. With a combined experience of over 40 years of experience in dairy, business and trading, AMSTERDAM INGREDIENTS is now a supplier of milk ingredients, particularly milk proteins, with a solid focus on serving people.

Can we help? We’re happy to. Feel free to contact us any time.

Terence Molnar

The one going crazy for new ideas. Terence has an entrepreneurial degree (and an entrepreneurial family!), years of milk protein know-how stored in his brain and an unstoppable drive to stir things up in the industry. He is incredibly eager to build the business to its utmost potential, while having fun along the way. He loves life, especially the dynamics of Amsterdam, and enjoys it fully, watching Ajax soccer games with friends, or traveling the world with his girlfriend.

Tijmen Fikse

The one doing management and strategy and the one Terence cannot do without. A marketing degree, years of dealing with functional dairy blends and a child of dairy farmers: no wonder Tijmen chose to be part of the dairy world. It’s the diversity and the freedom of establishing his own vision that drove him into being an entrepreneur. Tijmen is happily married to his wife as well as his kite: you may find him surfing the seas in weekends.

Van Lindenberg Ingredients

The strategic partner and shareholder. They’re actually with the two of them: Wouter Bouwman en Nico van Lindenberg. These two skilled men have been building their knowledge and network in the dairy industry, particularly the European feed market, for over 30 years. Financially and strategically solid like a rock, they’re the ones we rely on when it comes to making smart decisions. They balance us out in the perfect way.

“The best part of our team is that we’re not just with four individuals doing our thing: we’ve managed to build a team that complements each other. A synergy that is so much more than a team of four.”

They’re on board…

We’d love to share some exciting news with you! As you know, we’ve launched AMSTERDAM INGREDIENTS in 2017. We started our entrepreneurial journey spiked with ambition and relevant experience in the industry. Like every business owner, we’re ready to learn from the ones who’ve been around for a while.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that three respectable heavy-weights in the industry have agreed to support us by being part of our Advisory Board. For us, this is reason to celebrate our humble start in the dairy industry so far.

We’re grateful that Jan Peter Rotmans, Nico van Lindenberg and Wouter Bouwman, whom have a combined experience of over 50 years in dairy, feed, management and executive positions, have agreed to be ‘on board’ (yes, pun intended).

It is thanks to their faith in our vision and strategy, that we can carefully get to the next level. As a start-up, we’re driven by our slightly rebellious ideology, but we want to do things right, so we can grow our business steadily.

Please, let me introduce these three gents:

Jan Peter Rotmans (1960): a strategic business authority with 30 years of experience being managing director of international businesses in feed, functional milk proteins, industrial cheese and technical casein proteins, including Havero Products (NL), Havero Hoogwegt (NL), Provedon (NL), Hoogwegt Cheese (NL) and Mustang Nutrition Technology (RUS).

Nico van Lindenberg (1961): highly experienced as an entrepreneur, with a specialization in milk commodity as well as milk proteins for feed, and 20 years of leading his co-owned business Van Lindenberg Ingredients (NL).

Wouter Bouwman (1973): a true authority in dairy commodities (food & feed), he has worked as commercial director at Melkweg (NL), after which he transitioned to become co-owner and commercially responsible for Van Lindenberg Ingredients.

We were already excited about 2018, but with this news, even more. Thanks to everybody who has already put their trust in our business so far. We’re looking forward to a successful year!


Are you ready to shake things up with us? Contact us at any time. By email, or simply give us a ring.

We’re always interested in meeting new talent. Feel free to send us your motivation and CV at info@amsterdamingredients.com.

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+31 20 30 48 467

VAT number NL858008300B01
Chamber of Commerce 69777853

AMSTERDAM INGREDIENTS wants to make a positive change in the dairy industry. We supply milk ingredients and add personal attention and fun to it. Let’s partner up!